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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Dog Ate My Blog

Last night a dog ate my blog. He came running out of the misty darkness of the Blogosphere (my nomination for inclusion in Matt Groening's "Forbidden Words for 2005" which he publishes in his Life In Hell cartoon at the end of the year) and I was so startled that I forgot to click "Select All" then "Copy" before he grabbed my tasty little blog entry and went running back into the Web. So I will try to paraphrase my "Where to Go?" entry.

Where should I go with this blog? So much is happening in the news, good, juicy stuff on the election. I keep up with Jonathan's Past Peak blog and get info faster than LoverMan, who listens to news on the radio. Then there are my friends returning from NYC and the stories of abuse from police and detention in the cages at Guanatamo-on-the-Hudsen as they call it now. All the contentious email on listserves, people judging the protesters as "commies" "idiots" they got what they deserve attitude, and leftyliberals defending their action and trying to deal with disparaging and defamation.

Or my own life is very full now, my (successful) efforts to enjoy life, dining out, cooking in, seeing all the lefty documentaries (Patty Hearst Story tonite!), mixing liquors, my hoola hooping meetup, and my (soon-to-be-successful) attempts to put down the Flea Invasion in my house with my own natural Flea Death formula, and (as yet unsuccessful) search for a new housemate, and the wondering if the boom of "infill" development is the reason why there are so many For Rent signs all over town, and everyone including me looking for a housemate, and if suppy and demand had anything to do with the market these days, RENT PRICES SHOULD GO DOWN! Also, I am offering several classes thru my shop, in magic and botany, and I have a few ideas for promoting The Picture Tree project. Oh, and yesterday was officially the beginning of Ragweed season, so I will be on heavy medication for the next three months...

Any of these topics could have drawn out one of my drawn-out expository writings, but I guess I am just overwhelmed. If anybody is curious I can provide more details. Right now, I think I'm gonna go start a fire with the pecan wood LM and me drug home for grilling, and roast some Hatch chiles for future use as green enchilada sauce. Pecan roasted green chile sauce, YUM!


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