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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Morning After

Well, this is what I was afraid of. After the main demo on Sunday, when police and protesters got on so well, the cameras turned away and then:


"I'm in Union Square Park and it's 10:42 pm, and all of the sudden police start slamming people up against the barricades and getting everyone excited. Lots of rough handling and then more riot police came and encircled the park, and it's pretty much a standoff right now. People are coming and going, but there are people inside the ring of cops and outside the ring of cops and the subway entrance is all blocked off. So I'm not sure what's going on but that's what's happening."

According to my group's phone blog. Earlier today, a total of 20 of them had been arrested, no names released because they are doing jail solidarity, and no details like, were they doing civil disobedience or was it a police riot?

Nobody hurt so far in the Cluster.

However, I did get notice that another friend (not a Cluster associate) who happened to be in proximity of the dragon float that caught fire was tackled from behind by the police and is in jail with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. Other folks in the vicinity were also arrested regardless of their association with the float or not.

This is the sort of stuff I was afraid of. If people want to get arrested doing civil disobedience that is one thing, but it sounds like they are just getting squished and run down by riot cops??? And is there any media? Someone with a TV and cable will have to tell me.


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