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Friday, August 27, 2004

Fun Incoming!

Dear Friends,
I have a new favorite band that is going to blow you away. THEY are not new, but hey, I am still playing catchup in the Austin Music World. The Real Heroes are truly worth all our adoration. Best of 80's pop and postpunk, David Bowie-style sex appeal, and clean-burning danceable riffs. Dang, they DO attract some cute girls, too! They are very big in NYC, how long can we keep 'em in Austin?

Tonight they are at The Parish, which is one of the venues that I am willing to venture into 6th Street for. The sound will be excellent and smoke is not a problem 'cause of the high ceilings, and best of all, there is plenty of room. Room to dance, room for Hero Worship.

If you get downtown a little early, and you are willing to violate the one-covercharge-per-night rule, you can catch Tia Carerra at Beerland. How long will these hard rock jam geniuses keep putting out so much for free? It can't go on forever.

After two cover charges, I will REALLY be in for some FREE downhome backyard entertainment with the Typsy Gypsys on Sat. night. This is the next to last free bellydance show in the backyard of Natural Magic (701 E 53rd St. on the east end of the North Loop biz strip), so make it just in case October's show get sold out. Arrive at 8pm with lawnchairs, blankets, enjoy the free snacks, and bring a few bills for donation for the Franzia or beer, and to TYP your Gypsy! The last two shows featured firespinners from the best of a few troops, and the show was nearly stolen by a boy bellydancer who could jiggle right up there with the best of those hipshakin mamas.

I'll try to get to Nasty's later for the Stick Pony set You know Nasty's, the famous dive behind Mangia Pizza on the Drag? And Stick Pony always attracts the friendliest crowd.

Next of my fun browser is a three-ride surf show at Egos, with the Nematoads (new wave surf, these boys are new, but if we encourage them to turn in their math homework and cut loose, they're going to be great!) and the Queen of Spades, (now a tatsy main course in a surf show, all-girl band that does 60's style classics and originals) and those godfathers of surf, Three Balls of Fire. Last time we went to a Sunday Egos surf show they really did begin at 9pm, but the lineup was totally different than advertised.

Of course, if anyone is interested in hOOOping it up, the hula hoopers Meetup is Saturday Sept. 4th at Barton Springs. Send me a note, or go join at for more info. I am looking for a ride down there with all my hoops...

Have a great weekend whatever you do!
Keep It Up, Fool!


At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi princess p. i'm glad you liked the show (i'm the drummer for the nematoads). we're playing again on september 19th at ego's. we'll try to shed the math homework, but it will be a little hard since i can't see without my glasses :^)

At 9:48 PM, Blogger princess poysen ivieee said...

Drummers, surfers, hoola hoopers that need glasses...give us all a break!


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