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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


We just got back from the Lake, LoverMan and me, and I'm glad it didn't happen DURING but you're still not in the mood AFTER neither...

"What was that noise?" "I don't know, but I heard it." "It sounded like a flying cockroach." "Yeah, well I think it is and it's right there!" (Pointing to the cluttered bookshelf right next to the bed.) Silence. "There it is, what can I kill it with?" Shuffle. "Here." A tennis shoe. WHACK!WHACK! "Good job!" "Flush it quick!" "Okay." -Flurrrrrsh-kllggg- "Goddam!" "Where is it? I can't see!" "It's on the VCR, wait don't hit the VCR!" "OK NOW!" -Whack! His eyes, and my reflexes, my ears and his reflexes, whatta team. "Okay sweetie, I'm gonna go sleep in my tent, I love you." "Bet there's no roaches in your nice zippered tent, sweetie." "Usually not." Kiss kiss.

But it wasn't over. I came into the livingroom to log on. What, am I supposed to go to sleep after that?? A roach scurried up my naked thigh from under the chair! Squawk! It In the kitchen, Emo the new black kitty pounced, forcing it into the doorway. Whack, whack! Dead roach! "Emo, don't run away, we got it! Emo, you helped me kill the roach!"

Emo just heard the whack, which must have sounded like harsh discipline, dammit, and out the catdoor he went.

Now, it's just me, just me and the cockroaches. Just me and the roaches and the Palace Princess Slipper of Death. Eyes all around my head, while I am writing this, I tell you. Breathing. Knowing exactly where the Palace Princess Slipper of Death is. ONLY hold it by the heel.

Four O'clock! the doorway jam! Whack! Dammit, it got thru the jammit! Swing open the door, it must be on the other side.

But it is not. Instead, there is a big, pink FAT Mediterranean Gecko.



At 11:42 AM, Blogger dragonfly jenny said...

alas i have yet to see one of those cool little pink geckos tackle one of those big waxy flying cockroaches.

Good work Emo the cat!!!!!!


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