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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Picture Tree

The Picture Tree is a project that came directly from the Faery Queene while the Cult of the Faery Star was paying tribute. We got off real easy this time, a fun walking-orders for the whole family, not some grueling or embarrassing trial/task. Nobody had to give up drinking or smoking, or remain silent until 77 pounds of scrap iron was removed from the wild. Nobody had to quit their job and follow their dream. This time.

What she said to do was: get in contact with a tree, then paint a picture. It was assumed that this picture would include, as all paintings do, aspects of the world as we see it now, and parts of the world as we will it to be. It is difficult for any manner of Art to avoid this, and we didn't even want to try. Because of the genesis of the project, Faery inspirations and the wisdom of trees would be the incorporated, and will continue through the growth of the Picture Tree, for as long as it grows.

Once the Picture, which involved charcoal, watercolor, glue, leaves, glitter, etc., was completed by us, it was blessed, and then ripped into pieces.

One of the pieces will go to the Republican National Convention, where, like the other pieces, it will be glued, stapled, taped, whatever, to a new piece of paper. A new assemblage of Painters will paint a new Picture from the Piece, creating a new Picture Tree. This will in turn be torn into Pieces, and each Painter will take their Piece to create a new Picture Tree from in their own community.

I think this would be a fun project for art class in the schools. I think kidz would easily understand the concept. Paint it then rip it up and send it to a friend to do in their own art class? Yeah!

Photos were taken of the first Picture Tree, and we will post them on a website, though the Queene didn't ask us to do this. In this way, Painters can post Pictures of their own onto the website, so that a Family Tree of the Picture Tree can be kept.

Or not. It could just go feral from here. Wouldn't make any difference to Her.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Traci said...

I will be there with Birch. I want to work this magic in NY.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger princess poysen ivieee said...

Traci! Good to have you in here! Welcome!

At 8:16 AM, Blogger dragonfly jenny said...

"IT could just go feral"

HELL YEAH!!! well put, li'l witchypoo. :)


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