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Monday, August 30, 2004

The Big Apple

I have a bunch of friends and magical compatriots in NYC to protest at the RNC, and I have been keeping them in mind, praying that they may be in the right place at the right time with all the water and information they need to be effective.

It looks like similar prayers and tireless organizing has resulted in (as yet) a HUGE colorful PEACEFUL event, in spite of early media yowling about how protesters were trying to create mayhem in Gotham City.

Since I don't have TV, I go to check out Google and Yahoo this morning, to see coverage and some pics. Nada whole lotta. But check in with Post Peak who had the New York Times skinny.

And for a reality check, take a look at what a girl like me who lives there says.

Early estimates I had heard were lows of 100,000 and highs of 250,000. Good grief, that was a big demo! Then! Read the NYT article which had protest organizers and police agreeing on 500,000.

To me, New York City has always been one of those big scary cities like Mexico City or Los Angeles that somebody would have to drag me to. But here is what my good pal B did: he planned for a month and a half. He is member of no group and got himself allied with an affinity group. Took time off work that had to hurt a working class mortgage-paying budget. BUT he got his expenses covered by taking "pledges" from friends and coworkers, otherwise airfare would have seriously dented him. I gave him a $20 bill with a spell written on it, and I bet other people did too! Their group is using one of my magic oils, and they named themselves after the (now deceased) beloved pet involved in the production of said product.

I heard that the huge Spiral Dance that CNN broadcast showed him for a few seconds!

Protest Warriors are very proud that after all that heckling, they got one guy out of half a million to respond with violence. This guy, who was wearing a Che shirt, smashed the Protest Warrior's car windowshield with his bare fists. A highly respected, well-read rightwing blogger, SMASH headlined the incident: "Peaceful" Protest Ends in Violence. Goddam. Mission accomplished, Protest Warriors. The guy with the smashed windowshield looks positively gleeful.

So, all in all, except for the lack of coverage, a much better than hoped for result on the big demo on Sunday. But the RNC continues, and lots of the protesters, including my pal B and others from my groups in Austin, remain for the week's events. Me, well you know me, I am holding an intention that they are in the right place at the right time with enough water and information, protection etc, but ALSO that they get to take in some great live music and eat excellent food and meet many new friends and enjoy the unexpected cultural bonuses while they are in the Big Apple.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger dragonfly jenny said...

Yeah, I hate how that goes: People on "Side A" WANT/NEED the people on "Side B" to behave badly to vindicate their side. So one dude behaved badly and now that means all of that side's views are wrong? Oh brother.


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