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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Which Way to Go?

For days I have not known which way to go with this blog! So much news has been coming in, from mainstream sources and from Post Peak and his network. I have friends incoming from the protests at the Republican National Convention and their reports of being held in guanatamo - on - the - Hudson, and lots of rightwinger dismissal of said protesters and the concept of political dissent in e-lists that I had the poor judgement to join. Bush is ahead in the polls for the first time since January and yes I am afraid. Afraid and disgusted with the Dems. that they could not make this season a dead zone for Bushite neocons, with so much ammo provided. And in the midst of all this, trying to (successfully) enjoy my own life, going to parties, sampling the food and culture of Austin, TX, (where magic is real and dreams come true) rocking hard to local music, organizing hooola hoopers at, keeping the Picture Tree going, helpingpeople with family, health, and relationship issues at work. All while fighting an outbreak of fleas in my house and trying (unsuccessfuly) to find a housemate so that I don't go broke in this economic slump-which-somehow-has-engendered-a-building-boom.

And the bad news is...? Ragweed season officially began today, and my drugs of choice kept me from another sneezing fit while pleasantly zonking me out. (Successful? Unsuccessful?)

Any one of these subjects could have kept me awake all night writing one of the too-long-essays that some of y'all seem to like, but jeez, I have been at a loss as to which one to go off on. If anyone does not know about the overload I am talking about, they have they head stuck in a pot of oatmeal.


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