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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Midsummers Silver

I had an invite to a little party on Midsummer, a gathering then a pilgrimage to the Faery Tree. I just cut it a little too close and missed the bus.

But! I had my traditional viewing of Midsummer Night's Dream, the old one with Mickey Rooney and James Cagney, and when it was over I was real sleepy and ready to just drift off there, then:

RAP! TAP! like two little rocks hitting my window to wake me up. Only it was the window between my bedroom and the closed front porch.

I was scared, got up and looked around, and everywhere I looked it was quiet, but everywhere I had been made a noise. The night was alive with motion.

"Okay, that movie was an invocation, what did I expect." So I sat on the front door stoop inside the front porch awhile and accustomed my nerves to all the trooping traffic, then I went in to bed again.

Not good enough. Crack Crunch! from my housemate's room.

This time I think it was Emo the cat. But I was all spooked again so I went out to the porch again....and was bewitched by the bright silvery light. Of course, it is not just Midsummers but the full moon. And I am a witchy girl... so I got my selenite crystal ball and went out to where the Virginia Creeper grows over the pecan log and communed with the moon. It was bright, cool, and silvery magic. The selenite ball is like a natural fiber optics, so if you look into either end of it, the moonlight shines right through and magnifies silver light into your third eye. The trees, the grass, the air itself was crawling with presence, trooping traffic, just a spark away from visual manifestation. I wondered if my friends at the Faery Tree had seen any of this. Of course they had. Then I wondered if they had sent the one who threw the rocks at my window. Yes, it is the sort of thing they would do, by way of admonishment, for not getting out of WORK in time to join them for faerie magic on Midsummers. I suppose, almost swimming there knee deep in that energy, that I wasn't that separated from them, and that I probably didn't miss out on too much.


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