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Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend Full O Fun

Dear friends, hope you didn't spend all your first paycheck of the month,
because this weekend is PACKED full of fun.

First, tonight is a difficult decision of loyalty. At Antone's is our fave
butt-rockin dance band, the sexiest DavidBowie/CheapTrick/LedZepp/RollingStones influenced but totally modern,
The Real Heroes. And there are some *really* cute girls who will be sad if
LM and I don't show up to dance with them.

On the other hand, with probably easier cover charge, the Deathray Davies
are in town tonight at Emo's promoting their new CD which has been raking in the reviews. I'll have to get that one. So if you crave some grunge-to-psych pop with a melancholy streak, throw on your blacks and comb those bangs over your face, eat a sour grape, but if they make you wanna dance, don't let anyone notice, dorkface! Sharing the bill is Ugly Beats, who I've been encouraged to look into (someone described them as surf, but with a lead singer that can't be right??) Grand Champeen is a local favorite so I'll give 'em another chance to impress me.

For a happy and wholesome break, join us at 4:20 at Barton Springs for Hooper's Paradise, LM and I will bring a bunch of hoops for everyone to
play with. The rest of you can point and laugh. Then when you get hot and
sweaty you can freeze yer buns in Barton Springs. The big hill over the deep end has a tradition of games and sports so that's where we will be.

Now Nasty's is one of those great places where you won't have to worry what
anybody thinks of you. And with the bands playing Saturday night you can go
ahead and laugh out loud and talk out of turn. First is what is left of my
favorite surf band, the Nematoads. With a sit-in bass player they will probably stick to mainly classic surf covers, but when was that ever a bad
thing? Then get a whiff of Three Pot Offy cause they just cleaned their carburators for YOU! Hear the rumble and let these large scary men will put
hair on your chest, Eustace. Finishing off the night is Basin Street, with
balls-out hard rock and the most frightening barefoot angry hippy bass player you ever seen. I do hope you brought ear plugs.

Hungover Sunday? The prescription might be Ted Leo and the Pharmacists back
at Emo's. Straight up pop/punk with Leo, better known on the East Coast/NYC. Revolutionary punk songs without self pity. There might be a steeper cover charge so call to check if that matters.

Hope this helps your fun-seeking nature!


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous dragonfly jenny said...

Sounds like fun, all of it! Hope you enjoyed. Just got back yesterday from 18 days at Kerrville. WOW. Now re-adjusting to Austin life. Will be in Barton Springs tonite around 9 pm, taking advantage of no-cost hippie airconditioning. ;)


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