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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Long Time No Fun

Dear friends,
It has been a LONG time since I sent y'all a Fun Alert Bulletin. Hopefully y'all are ready to rock again. Here is the scoop, courtesy of the Nematoads:
505 E. 6thAustin
8:00 The Bad Rackets Austin's answer to the New York Dolls minus the makeup
9:15 The Nematoads Your loveable bastards of surf back in action!10:30 Basin Street Those godless wonders of blues-drenched, Gretsch-fueled, alcohol-stained rock&roll revival
11:45 85 Decibels If Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, the Beat Farmers, and Johnny Rotten had a kid, they'd call him 85 Decibels.

And on top of that, we're also shooting footage for our music video. We're working with local indie filmmaker Matt Kordelski to produce a wacked out video for our original song Bandera. So if you want to be in a shot or two, come on out to Bigsby's and get a good spot up front. Wear something unusual and stand out. There will also be a troop of huluhoopers in the crowd, so don't be afraid to cut loose.

Heh, heh, thanks, TJ. That "troop of hoola hooopers" would happen to be me and my loopy hoopy friends. All three of us. YEAH! So be sure to come ready to point and laugh, or better yet spin a few for the band! We will be there for all of the Nematoads set and then see what happens.
Bigsby's has changed it arrangement and they went and got a very cool manager, so it really is developing into a great live music venue. High ceilings (so smoke isn't a problem) and plenty of space, and the sound is great. And best of all - NO COVER!
See y'all there,
Hullaba Lula


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you hula-fools had a fabulous time on the 11th!

Happy V-day dear ivieee!




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