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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fashion Non-Sense

When I read Starr's and Dragonfly's blog entries on fashion I was feeling cold and frumpy, in a shapeless fleece pullover with stained grey jogging sweatpant. Yu-uk!

How inspiring to read this and find out that my girlfriend is featured and famous!

I got up, took a loooong hot shower, folded and hung up my laundry and started trying-on. What I think I have settled on, hopefully to go to the fashion show tonight, is one of my punk faeree clown original assemblies: purple chucks with black laces with lime green socks and the lime green baggy corduroy britches rolled up just enough to show the black-and purple stockings under them, but also hanging lowrider enough to show those stockings hiking up over the belt, a blue irridescent sparkly number that does no good holding up the pants but totally provides context for the blue irridescent spangled butterfly halter top tied on in back by a bewildering web of spagetti strap. A locally girlfriend-made leather-and-chrome brads choker reconnects with the black in the shoelaces and stockings, and a HUMONGOUS purple mardi gras beads necklace with inch sized beads that hangs down between my legs. Topped off with a lime green yarn raggedy-Anne wig, lime-green antennae and of course the chrome-green faux leather jacket with the green faux fur collar. Purple lipstick will be added at the last minute, with some bright blue glitter sprinkled into it. Ready to-go!


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yaay!you were the cutest!!
and that dress you got...



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