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Friday, February 04, 2005

Crawling Over Broken Glass

When Trailer Park Girl recently wrote about how lately life was like crawling over broken glass, I knew she had a point, or several hundred. Here are some of the shards stuck in my skin, drawing blood:

cat's face all fucked up from getting in another fight

not knowing if housemates intend to pay rent

needing that money to pay rent and fix cat's face at vet

fought and lost a fight with my food co-op. they fired a friend of mine, the alleged offense (pot smoking on the job) was a frame, his grievance committee was overruled, and the BOD upheld managements decision to keep him canned for and offense he did not commit, in spite of employees appeals and the 150+ signatures I got from members

cut in pay

long distance service discontinued at work

not accepted to a county rent-to-own your own home because i am too poor

heater stopped working. raining in the upper 30's. fixed it, tho, cold wet crawl under house, two brown recluse spiders

jury duty (not usually something I complain about, but a lot of people would. a context thing)

someone, who knows of me and of my shop bought the domain and it is now the website for a call girl service for bachelor and frat parties. no legal recourse

You know??? I mean, it's no tsunami, but I definitely feel overwhelmed by adversity. Better go get my voodou god some REAL good rum ASAP!


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh MAN
kudos to you for fixin the heater tho



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