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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Dancing on Glass

Pretty much all the broken glass has been swept up. But now I feel like I am dancing on glass, maybe a huge bubble of heated air that floats up which could pop at any moment, or mabe tightrope walking my stunts on the edge of a great wine glass. Or perhaps I am bending towards my own reflection in a dark mirror, leaning so close that I could fall through.
Teaching classes, learning performance, taking lessons and giving them, researching, writing, buying and making and selling, inventing. Everything boasts of potential, but which posssibilities will pay dividends and which will crash through the fragile bubble of my invention? I definitely see the potential for disaster, and certainly my finances have rarely been on less stable footing but really all I asked from life is that it be meaningful and interesting. Clearly all that is necessecary for that to happen is to entertain ten different avocations at any given time and see which ones pan out, and which ones were just interesting experiments. Kids, try this at home, but if the test tube breaks over the bunsen burner, you could get cut OR burned if not both!


At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking as one who is also "trying this at home," and has been cut and burned more times than I can count, I can corroborate your experience. Juggle on, sistah!!! And may the best experiments win! And thanks for your insight on my existential angst.
- d-fly


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