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Monday, January 08, 2007

Global Warming Shifts Gardening Schedule

Here in Austin, Redbuds had a fall bloom, which I had never seen. But really, ask the gardeners about global warming. I found an old planting guide for Travis County, rev. 1990. Compare it to our updated guide:

1990 - Feb 15-June 1
2000 - Jan 10-Feb 28

Broccoli transplants
1990 - Feb 15-Mar 15
2000 - Jan 15-Feb 28

1990 - Feb 15-May 15
2000 - Jan 10-Feb 10

Leaf Lettuce
1990 - Jan 15-Apr 1
2000 - Jan 1-Apr 1

1990 - Jan 15-Mar 1
2000 - Oct 1-Mar 31

So most of the early spring planting has to be done about two weeks to a month earlier now than it did ten years ago, and you must finish planting about a month earlier, before the heat sets in.

Summer plantings, like okra and sweet potatoes stay about the same.

Then, for the fall plantings, we are starting two weeks to a month LATER, because the summer heat lasts longer.

That is the extension service recommendations, but the gardeners themselves are being much more experimental with earlier planting. I would have to say that we are now Zone 9 where we were Zone 8. I am ordering seeds for plants that are hardy up to Zone 10, because it just might work given the new climate.


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Gia said...

It's a good idea to plan for Zones 9-10. I do that kind of thing myself. I haven't quite gotten to the point where I am planting banana trees . . . but I'm thinking about it!

At 10:33 AM, Blogger princess poysen ivieee said...

Gia! Good to see you in here!


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