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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cowboys Halftime Fish Tacos

He likes the Cowboys, I like to cook, are we fitting our gender assignments so far?

I couldn’t think of any of the usual halftime dinners we have made in the past that I was in the mood for, so I was forced to come up with an entirely new dish. You see how the patriarchy grates on you???

First mix up the dressing:
*A large dollop of sour cream
*A large dollop of mayonnaise
*About ½ ounce of dill, 8 sprigs or so, more than you think
*Juice of ¼ lemon
*Several shakes of chili powder
*Several shakes of Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning
*Several shakes of Cholula original hot sauce

You could probably use Tabasco sauce or any shaker type sauce if you don’t have Cholula, but it really worked well and it’s great for any kind of taco, and it never goes bad, so why not just get some for future use?

Then slice
*Three Hungarian wax peppers
into thin rings and sauté them in a little olive or vegetable oils, til they are slightly limp. They are quite spicy, surprisingly. And I know, nobody sautés them. Usually they are used fresh in salads. But humor me, just sauté them for this recipe.

Then slice very thinly
*Five slices of red onion
and squeeze a little lemon juice onto them. That does two things: it keeps the onion fumes from getting into your eyes and it makes the red of the onion mix into the slices so it all looks magenta-purple.

Then slice very thinly
*About two cups worth of green cabbage
I sliced off about a fifth of the top of the head of the cabbage, so as not to get any midrib in the greenery. And again, it just seemed right, I squeezed some lemon into the shredded cabbage, to keep it from turning brown even a little. That browning on your freshly cut fruits or vegetables is oxidation and should be avoided for the best vitamin and antioxidant benefits of your veggies. Not to mention aesthetic and presentation appeal. Pile the cabbage in a mound with black pepper and Tony’s sprinkled on top.

You are wondering if there is any fish in this fish taco recipe, perhaps! Okay, so next you will slice into ½ inch to 1 inch strips
*Tilapia, we used .69 pound, two good-sized filets
and sauté it in as little vegetable oil as possible. Towards the end add finely sliced
*4 cloves of garlic
*Shake of Tony’s
*Shakes of black pepper
It is best to “flip” the fish strips in the pan the way you would toss a fried egg. If you stir it with a spatula, you will end up pulverizing the fish strips into fish crumbles. Shoot for just a hint of browning. Usually I cook fish as little as possible, but in this case I give you permission to overcook the Tilapia a bit.

Lay out the ingredients seductively on a big serving plate with five
*White flour tortillas, lightly toasted
and the bottle of Chollula sauce for good measure

Encourage your guests to make the cabbage be about half of the volume of the taco by demonstrating with your first taco.

Go Cowboys!
(You can hear the sarcasm, can't you? We feminists have to protest somehow.)


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