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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Food Stamp Snafu Unsnarled

I got some excellent help with my food stamp situation. LoverMan went to his boss, an incredible public servant in the Texas Department of Health Services, and told her about my situation. She referred him to the Center for Public Policy Priorites, a nonprofit watchdog group with it's fingers in many pies. They are an extremely informed group who presents information on the national level. In March, they published a document, "Problems Enrolling in Public Benefits?" which listed exactly who to go to in state and federal governments with my complaint, and how to present it. The magic word is: I am filing a complaint under 7 CFR 271.6, in case you were wondering why your previous pleas fell on deaf ears!

I cleaned up the below blog entry about my tribulations, and off it went to the authorities. Within two days the machine was CRANKIN! And I had become e-buddies with the author of the above CPPP document.

I got my benefits on May 9th, and because CPPP had advised me, they were retro back to February 7th, my original filing date. Whoo-hoo! Full fridge!

Now, I have no idea what the behind the scene cusalities were, but on May 16th it was reprted that State workers took back the job that had been outsourced to Accenture, a private corporation that has fucked up food stamps, MedicAid and any number of social safety net services in Colorado and Texas, from what I have learned. I know that several Texas Democrats had been getting huffy about the situation, AND Carol of the Many Names. According to the true public servant who gave me my phone interview, the state workers were going to train the Accenture 'bots until they get it right. I just hope that Accenture wants to get it right.


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Legislative Staffer said...

I'm happy to hear that you got the snafu resolved. Best of luck!


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