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Monday, December 19, 2005

A Real Nightmare Before Christmas Story

I promised you a Christmas story, back during Halloween. I know, I already gave the fiction story. This is a true story, though. Like the Halloween story, it is also a Christian horror story, told to me by a customer.

He is just the sweetest little poofta you could ever meet! How could anyone NOT KNOW? 17 years old, Hispanic, working in the cosmetics sections of stores like Foley's to save money for college. Sings in the choir.

It is Christmas Eve, and the whole, large, Hispanic family is gathered. After while, his mother asks him, in such a way that everyone can hear, "D____, don't you have something to tell us?"

"Uh, I don't know, Merry Christmas, everyone???"

"No, I hear from a friend of yours that you are gay!"

"Well,....uh, yeah..."

Amidst jeers of derision, "Fag!" "Queer!", etc., he was kicked out of his home by his family on Christmas Eve, after being outed by his mother in front of the whole (Christian, intolerant) family.

Spirit of the season!

Here is a toast to this young man, though. Many of us would use such a family tragedy as this as an excuse to go on a downslide bender, get into drugs, start disastrous relationships. But no, D_____ had as I mentioned, been saving up for college. At age 17, he had nearly $3,000 stowed away, enough for deposit and rent and enough to go on for a month or two while he looked for full time employment. He had his own apartment before New Years. So no college, but hey.

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, D____!


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