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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Scary Halloween Story

A friend told me this story. As a child, his parents didn't believe in celebrating Halloween. So they put a sign in the front yard, advising trick-or-treaters not to knock, not to ring the doorbell asking for candy, because they didn't observe Halloween.

Some people thought it was a joke, and they would send their kids up to ring the doorbell anyway. "TRICK OR TREAT!" So my friend's parents then took to posting another sign at the door, explaining that no, really truly, this family did not celebrate Halloween, so don't even try.

Incredibly, some kids would still not believe this, and they would ring anyway. "GIVE US SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!" Those little goblins and princesses! Finally Dad was forced to put a final deterrant in place. He re-wired the doorbell so that any trick-or-treater who dared ring it would get an electrical shock! BZZZT! "WHA-AAA!"

Wait a minute, I had to ask, why didn't your parents want to observe Halloween? Don't tell me...

Because they were Christians. That was why they had to electrically shock those kids on Halloween night.


Betcha can't wait for the Christmas story!


At 10:49 AM, Blogger princess poysen ivieee said...

Isn't it funny how Satan tricked those miserly-hearted people into participating in Halloween anyway? BZZZAP! BWA HA HA HA!

I bet there is some taboo against leaving comments on your own blog entries, and here I am breaking it.


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