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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Summer Schedule

Remember the back-to-back entertainment schedule presented in "Ivieee's Picks through June?" Well, friends, I actually did go to see most of those shows and as a result of this and not having found a housemate soon enough, now I am a poor girl again who cooks at home and writes for entertainment. I did not even read the Chronicle because of the dangerous enticements to pay cover charges that might be contained therein.


I did see the new Harry Potter movie, *in cape* and *with wand* of course! My goal is to see it on the big screen 3 more times, so give me a call if you are going.
And I will see Patti Smith this Friday! A birthday show for my girlfriend FireFly, and I imagine, a politically potent opportunity it will be.
AND I got a sweet email from The Alice Rose tonight, thanking me and LoverMan (hereafter referred to a LM) for being such good fans and letting us know that things were going well in the studio and that they will be having some shows later on this month. I just hope that they are not during our beach trip, because yes, I am a crazy groupie fan of The Alice Rose, and so is LM, but wouldn't it be weird, sick, even, to alter your vacation plans to see a local band???
We just might be crazy groupie fans enough!

Further along in summer, and on through the fall, as of tonight I have committed myself to teaching a lot of classes, which tends to keep me off the street, and money coming in instead of going out. I teach classes on magic through the shop and as a part of Tejas Web, the local manifestation of the Reclaiming Tradition. So look for flyers around town or on TW's website, or my shop's website, for more info.


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