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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ivieee's picks thru June

Subject: Ivieee's picks thru June
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 18:47:45 +0000

Okay, there is more! You asked for it! Well, some of you did, anyway...

I don't know if I can make it to this one, but watch out for these girls, The Queen of Spades! All-girl 60's surf, and their next show is Wed. the 19th @ 9:30 in this new place, The Pyramid, a mediterranean restaurant on 6th at I35, where the Empanada Parlor used to be. They will also be at Beerland on Sat. the 29th at 4pm, but I for sure can't make that... Karen Biller is their most formidable drummer, and her other surf band, the Undertakers is one of my faves.

Here are my boys. The Alice Rose. I never miss them if I can at all manage. This is a new venue for them, and me. Bigsby's on 6th, at 11:30pm. I'll be there for sure. They were SO ON at The Red Eyed Fly last Friday, but its kind of hard to dance on that flagstone patio.

On Sat. the 22nd is a fundraiser for Pagan Pride Day that they are calling Hot Licks & Hot Luck, at the Vortex 2-7pm. Guy Forsyth is the main entertainment, and there is a hot sauce contest. I will be boothing with my hulaballooz, doing the Hulah Foolah thang, and some other craftiness from me, Sarah, and Natural Magic. I love vending at the Vortex, I just throw everything on my wheelbarrow and wheel it there! Then on to Natural Magic for the Typsy Gypsys fire and bellydance show, free, 8 - 10pm.

Monday the 24th is a 9:30 show for the Undertakers, heavy surf rock, at room 710. It is "New Band Night" and so i don't think there is a cover charge. But they are NOT a new band, and if they are anything as good as last year's shows, you will find me way down front getting wiped out by the undertow!

Todd Rundgren is at La Zona Rosa on the 25th, Tuesday, and Sharon and I are going...Everyone thinks of him as old hippie music, and I ain't got nothin wrong with that, but the man really knows how to KEEP UP, and I have no idea what he has been up to lately.

Pong is at Emo's on that busy 22nd of May, but I think we will hold out for a more chill venue with better sound, and that would be the Carousel Lounge, Friday the 28th. Excellent dance floor there, too, you wiggly girl!

Moving into June,

Is anybody doing 1st Thursday on the 3rd? Me and my hoops are looking out for a ride. The wheelbarrow won't work for this gig. o}O< And if you are into the hooping thing, or know someone who is, I got to add a Hulahooping group, and the first meeting, if enough people sign up, will be Sat. June 5th. I voted for Zilker Park. Spread the word, fool, hoop it up!

Then, at last! we have The Golden Apples on Friday the 4th at a very downhome bar, Trophy's. I will bring incense this time. If you haven't seen TGA, just do it this time. They just do not have an off night, totally pro power pop, and they do not get the crowds that their talent deserves.

If I'm worn out by then, I will just have to go get a talkin' to about staying power from Patti Smith on June 18th at La Zona Rosa. She will definitely not let me get away with that "I'm too old for this" shit!

Will I actually do all this? I don't think I can afford to! But I sure do love having all these great choices, and esp. if you call me or e me and say YOU are going, I will probably say see you there! And if you want I'll let you know if something good pops up at the last minute, like a Tumbleweed Racer, Black Novas, or Beecher show. And keep those reports coming in!




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