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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Dark Moon Magic

This Wednesday night is the dark moon. That means that the moon has been getting smaller for the past two weeks and on that night it is as small and dark as it gets until Thursday at 4:27pm, when the moon will start putting on weight again.

In magic, we take the clues the moon gives (the Doctrine of Signatures) and do workings of minimization, banishing, exorcism, making smaller, getting rid of, undoing, or if called for and we are prepared to accept the consequences, cursing.

On Wednesdays we are ruled by the influence of Mercury, the god of messages, diplomacy, science, chastity, and self-improvement, it seems like a good dark moon to get rid of negative things that involve irrational emotions, delusions, lies, misrepresentations, and bad communications.

See where I am going with this? Tomorrow night would be an excellent time to do workings to banish George W. Bush and the neocon religious right from power and the White House. My plan, and suggestion, is to do this every dark moon through the November election.

At the crossroads is the place for this sort of work. I like places where railroads cross roadways, myself.

We banish this seeming Dark Age
No wrongful war do we wage.
From power is George Bush relived
And no more deceipts are believed.
By November this administration is failed
Bush and Cheney are run out on a rail.
Polarization, misrepresentation at an end
With democracy, tolerance and peace
Just around the bend.

Perhaps you can do a better chant. I might, myself. Then, you walk away from the crossroads without looking back.

An excellent follow-up would be to, upon the New Moon, and I would recommend this Friday, do a working to call a new, beautiful awakening of peace and justice and reason, into the nation, a working with Iris and the Rainbow of Hope after the storm. Because you don't want to leave a power vacuum. Magic, like Nature, abhores a vacuum. I will be doing this at - YEAH! The Patti Smith show!!!

How will we imagine and build a country that would earn the respect and admiration of the world, a nation that could really help to minimize the suffering inevitable that we are heading for, the bottleneck of civilization? By which I mean the end of the Petroleum Age of Humankind, friends.


At 9:46 PM, Blogger dragonfly jenny said...

A-men, sistah! I would so love for our country to become one truly worthy of respect in more ways.

And I too am attracted to places where railroads cross roads. You have a great one near the shop, and I have a couple of really excellent ones in my neck of the woods. Especially late at night, those spots feel incredibly magickal.


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