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Friday, July 23, 2004

A Spooky Story

Spooky being my sole remaining feline companion, offers this story:

At first I thought it was my imagination. A lump or just a roll of fat? Within a couple of days it was big, feeling like a small hard-on through a pair of jeans. Then it was round and about three inches around, and thick. Time to go to the vet.

"Can I shave him?" asked Dr. M, and I nodded. Need to get a visual on this. Immediately apparent were the two fang marks at the top of the lump, just healed up enough that I could scrape off the last scabbing. "So it's just a cyst or infection from the bite, right, Doc?" "Hmmm, well, it could be, but..."

BUT he wouldn't promise me until after a biopsy that my cat didn't have cancer, a huge tumor which would set me prematurely catless, and I sure am not ready to give up my great white cat!! Not-tumor!

Even so, when we got home, I treated it like it was a cancerous tumor. Lots of love, and an Edgar Cayce-style castor oil pack. Basically I bandaged a castor-oil soaked napkin against the lump. Cayce used this treatment for any lumpy ailment, I think, whether cancerous or not. It penetrates tissue easily and softens and dissolves lumps of whatever variety.

Spooky thinks that Edgar Cayce is a quack, and maybe you do too. He jumped out the window with a big harrrrumphhh. About five minutes he returned, to show me that he had removed the bandage. When I felt his lump, it was still greasy, so hopefully SOMETHING was getting in??? Then he looked like he really needed a snack, just to ease the trauma, so I gave him a few kibbles and went back to whatever I was doing. Probably blogging.

Just a minute later, I started hearing cat-urrck noises. But Spooky is not a puker, believe me. This would be a first, that I saw! He looked me straight in the eye and ... urrrcked up a clear viscous fluid. No cat kibbles. Okay, I felt the urrck, and it was greasy...the castor oil! Somehow puked up around the kibbles that he wanted to keep in the GI tract!

So the castor oil got licked up and then puked out. I don't know if it was this therapy, nature, or the vet prodding and squeezing, but the next day, the lump on Spooky's side was noticeably smaller! And within a couple of days it was a figment of my imagination. Gone.

It reminds me of another spooky story about a lump in my left tit....'nuther story, nuther time!


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